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Do you need barcode labels printed for your business? This is how several successful businesses across the globe mastered the process of quick and reliable label production without facing obstacles when integrating with existing systems and struggling with limited customer support.

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With SQ Label you will:

  • Get powerful and easy to use barcode label designer
  • Meet compliance standards with 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Reduce the number of label templates by using variables
  • Save time using data from existing data sources
  • Eliminate errors with WYSIWYG print preview
  • Get access to very responsive world class labeling specialists
  • Have always up to date software without expensive upgrades
  • Mark your product labels with unique serial numbers
  • Increase productivity with dynamic image printing
  • Impress your business partners with multilingual support
  • and more...

SQ Label is being used in various industries

Aerospace & Defense

Wire markers
Cable markers


GHS labels
GHS pictograms


Wrist labels
Visitor labels

Transport & Logistic

CMR documents
Logistics labels

Food & Beverage

Nutrition labels
Wine labels


Panel labels
Cable labels


Inventory labels
Transport labels


Shelf labels
Scale labels


Product labels
Standardized labels



In addition to all major 1D barcodes, SQ Label supports also several 2D barcode symbologies including QR code, DataMatrix, and PDF 417 2D code.

Various external data sources are supported in SQ Label including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, CSV file, and SQL server. Using a built-in wizard it is easy to connect your existing data source and print labels with your existing data.

SQ Label is a valuable tool for many companies that use the software under their brands.

If you are a label manufacturer, distributor, or reseller and you would like to offer your customers software under your brand please contact us for a free consultation.

There are multiple options on how SQ Label can be successfully customized and integrated into your existing environment. Every story is different and if we want to 100% satisfy your demands we need more information, therefore, please contact us for a free consultation.

SQ Label is a 100% Unicode application which means that you can use all kinds of international characters on your labels without installing any 3rd party add-ons or other software.

SQ Label and its turn-key custom printing solutions are currently used by many recognized companies around the globe including many solo entrepreneurs and small family businesses who trust our solutions.

SQ Label supports printing to all printer types including thermal transfer printers, laser printers, ink-jet printers, and others that are supported in Windows. Nowadays all printers come with an official printer driver, therefore, this is a non-issue.

Do not worry. SQ Label has a very easy to use barcode label designer which everybody can use. In case of any questions our friendly support team will help you out or you can hire us to provide you a turn-key printing solution that will meet all your demands plus you get our professional triple warranty.

We take security, privacy, and GDPR very seriously. The website is protected by an SSL certificate which means all communication between you the website is encrypted. All payments are processed directly using a secure and world-recognized Stripe credit card processor who uses the latest technology to protect customer information.

SQ Label 100% portable license is one of the many benefits which we can offer. With a 100% portable license, you do not even need to install the software on your computer. The software comes already preinstalled on a USB flash drive which you can use on any computer and print labels on the go.

Meet the author

"Bernard Primožič - Label printing software specialist"

Bernard Primožič has been in software business since the end of primary school when he as a young boy published his first commercial software in the era when Windows did not even exist.

Since 2000 he specializes in custom barcode label printing solutions which have been praised by several recognized companies worldwide.

His valuable knowledge of ISO 9001 and years of experience from various business sectors helped him and his team to develop SQ Label software in a way that is used everywhere.

Bernard and his spouse Petra share their home in Slovenia with two extraordinary boys and four Shih Tzus with one on the way.

Join our valued customers

Choose your best option

SQ Label offers different licensing options. You can use a perpetual license that comes by software activation key, 100% portable flash drive or you can choose one of the software as a service package.

397 from
  • Unlimited printers
  • Unlimited templates
  • 1D and 2D barcodes
  • 100% Unicode support
  • Database connectivity
  • Label serialization
  • Dynamic images
  • Keyboard entry
  • 12 months updates
  • E-Mail support
  • Live remote support*
  • Live phone support*
797 from
  • All in SQ Label Original
  • Built in data management
  • On-screen data entry
  • Multiple print jobs in single file
  • Internal printer support
  • Integrated cutter support
  • Double sided printer support
  • MS Excel data Drag & Drop
  • Continuous product support
  • Auto adjust label length
  • 100% portable license
  • Data import
  • 100% your branding
  • 100% tailor-made
  • Custom functions
  • Unlimited licensing
  • Copyright options
  • Source code options
  • On-site training
  • Direct marketing features
  • Webshop integration
  • Live remote support
  • Live phone support
  • On-site support
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